Center for Biologic Imaging is housed in the medical research facility of the University of Pittsburgh Medical School in approximately 6,500 sq ft. of space. This space has been designed as a dedicated, state of the art imaging center, and has fully equipped microscopy suites, computer labs, and wet and dry bench space for light and electron microscopic preparations.

The center currently employs 4 faculty and 20 staff including multiple post-doctoral fellows, students and technicians.  As can be seen from our equipment list, we have an installed base of over 19 confocal microscopes of different types, as well as multiple systems dedicated to super-resolution imaging, we also have several electron microscopes.  Essentially the Center is designed to be a “one stop shop” for all optical imaging needs.  Importantly with respect to this application we also have live cell confocal systems placed in the BSL3 facility such that we can extend our live cell work to truly pathogenic material. Because of success in attracting funding for new equipment we have recently (in Feb-March 2012) expanded our space to house multiple new devices including a high speed multiphoton and live cell confocal microscopes (funded through the NCRR).  This new space will also house microscopes for large area scanning of slides in either brightfield or using up to 5 different fluorophores.  For a full list of our equipment, please see our resources page. 

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